Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boys Home

As you may or may not know I am part of an organization called MOMS Club. It is a great group of ladies with wonderful kids. It is such a great drama free environment. Seriously! For example a little boy in the middle of potty training peed on a little girl during a playdate in the backyard and nobody got mad. What can you really do but laugh?  Anyway after a year I was asked if I was willing to join the board. So I am now the Administrative Vice President (Admin VP). I am in charge of charities and fundraising.
One of our ongoing charities is the Methodist's Boys Home. They house about 12 boys at any given time. Each friday we volunteer to bring a baked good. We also keep track of birthdays and if a birthday falls that week then we make sure to bring something like brownies or cupcakes.
Well it is back to school season and to help them out a little more we are donating some school supplies. I am so thrilled with what we are donating considering we only have about 25 members and probably half are actually actively involved. We have 22 notebooks, 2 package of paper, 3 packages of pens, 2 packs of highlighters, 2 packs of colored pencils and 4 glue sticks.
I know they are grateful and appreciative of our donations especially when we drop off the baked goods and the boys look excited. It just feels nice to give back.

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