Thursday, May 16, 2013

Missed a month

So let's go back to April. Maggie had her 9 month appointment and she was 13lbs 10oz so 4oz less than Max at that age. By the end of April she also was pulling up and walking along furniture. We recently had to lower her crib because she learned to stand up in her crib. Next check up is at a year.

Maxim just had his 2 yr check up and he was 25.5lbs and 32.5" tall. This puts him at 20th percentile for weight and 6th percentile for height. Still little. Oh and he is in the 0 percentile for head circumfrence. He is loving all his birthday presents. We now have lots of trains, cars and trucks! He had a bounce house for his birthday which he loves. He jumps well and often shows us when he gets up in the morning and after nap in his crib. His birthday party was Elmo themed.