Monday, May 23, 2011

Cloth Diapering

So Max is over a week old now, and we have been cloth diapering him from the start. I think we made the right choice, not only does it save us money, but he just looks so much cuter in the cloth diapers vice disposable. Also no diaper rash, and no soggy diaper smell. If anyone has questions about cloth diapering feel free to comment below this post.

As of right now we don't quite have enough to get through 2 days, so we wash them every evening. It isn't difficult at all, we have noticed a little bit of staining on a couple of the diapers so we are just going to leave them to dry in the sun and that does a good job of bleaching out the stain.

Isn't he cute?

Baking Brownies!

I found a Guinness Stout brownie recipe, so of course I had to put on my apron and bake!
They turned out to be delicious! Very fudgy, so good the neighbors went out the following day to pick up the ingredients and make their own batch.
I could write more, but I think the above picture speaks for itself, yep I am awesome!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally Home

We've been home with little Maxim for 5 days now. We have gone on some adventures to the grocery store and various places on base to get him all set up on healthcare. The first adventure took awhile to get ready, but we are getting better and better at it. The hardest part is actually remembering to take care of ourselves, brushing teeth more often than just at night, putting on deodorant, etc. All we want to do is take care of this little one. Alexandra is amazed that I actually put him down on the floor, swing, and bouncer. I said its because unlike the neighbors kids who I hold constantly when we are visiting, here I actually have other responsibilities to take care of, otherwise I wouldn't put him down...except when it is time to sleep.

Yesterday we thought he was about to have an instantaneous cryig fit, but it turned out to be a big giggle and smile in his sleep. He is so cute! We love him so much!
And I think he is RAD!

In The Hospital

After the delivery we were moved to the recovery room. We were required to stay a minimum of 36 hours in the hospital because this was our first child. We got to the recovery room around 4:30 AM Friday and settled in. Maxim ate and then he and momma both went to sleep. I made my chair bed and was going to goto sleep...I laid down but then Maxim made a sound so I got up to check. He was fine of course just making his cute little baby noises. Then I laid back down but thought I should check on him again...I started to goto sleep and woke up to a him making a tiny lil sound, not crying just a quiet little sound. I was super paranoid...maybe he's chilly, I should wrap his swaddling better. I fell asleep again and 5 min later someone came in collecting the trash, then the nurse came in to check vitals. Never ending. So I finally got a couple hour nap around 10 AM and then again stayed awake until 4AM because the poor little guy had the hiccups.

We also dressed him in some of his own clothes to make him more comfy while in the hospital.

When we were discharged from the hospital we went home and went straight to sleeping!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Water Broke!

Alexandra's water broke on Thursday evening, we got to the hospital around 5:30 PM. So her water broke but it was a slow "leak" and she still had no pain. So when we got to the hospital the nurses were kind of like...nahh your water didn't break. Asked about pain and she would say no, as she continues to leak amniotic fluid. The nurse had to use a paper test to confirm it was amniotic fluid. She was then admitted to Labor and Delivery. Still no pain, so we decided might as well play a game while we wait for lil Maxim.

So then Alexandra was placed on Pitosin to helo bring the contractions on harder and closer together. By 11:30 PM she was ready to deliver, they had us wait another hour to allow Maxim's head to get into position. So around 12:40 AM she started pushing and at 1:25 AM we welcomed Maxim Antonio into the world! Weighing in at 7lbs 5.7oz. He is adorable and we love him with all our hearts! And he knows it!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Hope He is Ready Soon

Tonight we attended the breastfeeding class. One of the better classes we have been to. A lot of information, even though it was 2 hours long we were glad we went. At the 1 hour mark the speaker sent us out for a 15 min break, we were shocked it was going to be such a long class. By the time it was over we were starved since the class started at 5. We had to stop at Ruby Tuesdays on way home instead of go home and cook.

This class was the last thing we for sure wanted to do before baby arrived. Now that it is over we are ready for baby to come! Very excited! We visited a couple who is friends of ours tonight and they had their baby girl on Friday, she is adorable!

So Max and I have been having talks lately. They are sort of 1 sided conversations, but I know he can hear me. I let him know that after this class he is more than welcome to come out and join us! I also explained how he can figure out when a day has passed...I said so right now you live in this round pool, and all day long the pool is moving about as his mommy moves about and then at night when the day is over his little pool will become calm for long periods. Then when the pools stirs a lot, it is a new day! I like to think he is listening and happy to hear my voice. I can feel him move about when I talk to him and touch her belly. When I rub the belly he jumps about. And I love feeling him move after meals, because he has what I call "partys". After meals I am always asking is he having his party yet?

We are so excited for Max to join us. We are both so happy to have this blessing in our lives and I am especially happy to be home to witness and enjoy his birth, and to help and support Alexandra through it all. This is a very exciting time and we know he will come when he is ready. Hopefully he is ready soon.

When the day does come, there will be text/phone call updates and facebook updates pretty quickly. But the blog will be updated within a few days after the birth.

God Bless