Saturday, April 28, 2012

Returned From Deployment

I am back from Deployment. It was wonderful seeing Alexandra and Max at the airport waiting for me. My biggest fear was Max not knowing who I am when I returned. I left the sub after 1/3 of the deployment due to transferring from Hawaii to Georgia, so I was gone for 2 months vice 6. But it was the longest I had been apart from my son so far. I was happy when he didn't cry when I held him. He was somewhat hesitant at first. He had a little bit of a puzzled look on his face, like hmm, I know you but I haven't seen you in a long time other than pictures. Later on using the video monitor I tried talking to him through the monitor when he woke up from a nap. My voice through the monitor did not even make him look around for me. Before I left for deployment I would talk to him through the monitor when he woke up and he would jump up and look to the door waiting to see me. Alex thinks what happened was he has gotten used to my voice from the recorded books I made and now doesn't associate my voice with the physical me. This is already changing, he is back to being my little buddy when I come in from work he crawls to my feet and and pulls on my leg to pick him up! It is awesome! It is also so hard to leave to goto work or to even just leave the room because if he sees me walking out he whines and fusses and crawl to me. We had his birthday party early so he could celebrate with people he knew. And then a few days later the movers came and packed up our things. He seemed very concerned whenever he was watching them pack his things. Now we are living in a hotel and so far so good. The next big hurdle will be the airplane. Oh and he is teething now. He has 2 bottom front teeth coming in. He is doing a great job, for the most part he is still being his normal happy smiling self. However car rides are now filled with tears and screaming. We think it is a combination of his teething and also being in a new vehicle (rental car) without the car seat base unit (he is lower and can't see out the window) and he doesn't have his mirror. Wish us luck for the flight. I am going to miss somethings about Hawaii. Mostly the friends we have made. You can never replace good friends and we hope we stay in touch with them all!

Friday, April 13, 2012

11month update

Max is now a whopping 11months! I got an email from Matthew saying when he saw that on the calendar he thought there had to be a mistake. Maxim is now 15lbs 8oz and 26" long. He gained an average of 20grams per day since his last weight check 3 weeks ago. The average 11month old gains 12-15grams per day. He is slowly weaning off purees. Basically the purees he gets is to diminish the supply we have in the freezer. He loves cheeses and breads doesn't matter what kind. He really likes veggie burgers and will eat about half a patty or a quarter of a tortilla with cheese on it or a quarter cup of spaghetti os. According to the nutritionist this is a great appetite for a guy his age. We didn't get to see our pediatrician Dr. Garee for our last appointment in Hawaii which was a little frustrating having to explain everything to someone new. She also made Max cry during a routine exam and our awesome Dr. Garee never did. Makes me more anxious to find Maxim a new pediatrician in Georgia that we like and is good with him.

In less than 2 weeks all our stuff will be packed and in less than 3 weeks at least Max and I will be in Georgia.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Ready

Matthew and I tend to like to be prepared and have lists and organization. This is definitely true when getting ready for a new baby. It drives me a little crazy that best case scenario we have 6 weeks to put together a nursery. With Max we made little goals around Matthew's underway schedule so that 3 weeks before the due date his room was complete we obviously can't do that this time. We do have a stash of newborn clothes but unlike with Max we don't have random other sizes we picked up for fun. Maggie's bumpers for her crib or done and though we have a crib, changing table and mattress they can't be put together yet. I've also started making bows and that's fun to match her outfits or holidays. Without knowing her room I can't figure out the organization and decoration. Though I know she'll spend at least the 1st 6 weeks in the bassinet of the pack and play I'd still like to have sheets to put on the crib and a changing pad with covers in her room. I know this will all come in time. I have also started and halfway completed Maggie's stocking because just like with Max I'd like to have it finished by the end of summer to allow plenty of time for finishing.

The cats get shipped off tonight, weather permitting, which will be one less thing for me to worry about. As far as moving, I am organizing what I can because I can't pack anything. Now that it's april I'm trying to put things in suitcases. But at least hotels and car rentals are booked. I still need to find a company to clean the carpets and figure out when I want them to come in. I know it will all come together especially since I'm not waiting until the last minute. Still praying Matthew is home for the move but if not we'll be happy to see him in Georgia.