Friday, August 9, 2013

13month Coconut update

Our little Coconut is 13months today. No, she is not walking. She does have days where she takes a crazy amount of steps and then nothing for a week or more. I think she is waiting until Daddy is working less. If you remember she didn't really start rolling over until 7months but by 8months she was crawling and 9months pulling up. She just likes Daddy to see her milestones just like her big brother. No weight or length updates until 15months. She babbles alot. Her newest thing is she tries to blow kisses. It is so cute. She is still a huge foody. There is not much she doesn't like. Maggie is still in 6month clothes and her hair is getting so long that I often take a small clip to keep it out of her eyes. I don't plan on cutting it anytime soon. Her hair doesn't surprise me since about 11months Max has had monthly haircuts. Hair on the ears bugs me.

Max though he still isn't most understandable 2 year old his vocabulary is definitely coming along. I think the newest addition is Water and Bubbles. Bubble Guppies is the first tv show he has requested. He will point to the tv and say bubbles. Sometimes he will just point and say tv. He also calls both the radio and tv, "tv." Whenever we try to differentiate different items like radio and tv or car and truck, he just looks at us and says okay. He doesn't say "yes" he says "okay." For instance, "max, are you hungry?"   "Okay" will be the response. "There you go," "here we go," "no" and "uh oh/ oh no" are still big staples of his vocabulary. Maxim also loves to grab people by their finger and show them things where in a store or in the house or at the aquatic center.  We love our little buddy. He is also doing so well transitioning into a toddler bed. I have also been leaving the door to his room ajar and when he is finished reading books to sleep he wakes up and comes out. I am so proud how well he is doing.

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