Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 month update

A bit delayed updatevbut both the Pediatrician and Nutritionist are happy with his progress. He is creating his own curve but it is parallel to the normal growth curves so that's good. No height taken but his weight was 14lbs 10oz. We go back to both for a 11month check up and then our 12 month well baby we'll be in Georgia!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello From South Korea

This was the day before leaving for deployment, I love that little guy so much!

Hello From South Korea,
I am at my first port call on deployment. Hopefully I don't have many more because I should be coming back to move with my family. So far I have spent the majority of my time talking/skyping with Alexandra and Max. I almost got to see Max stand for the first time. I was on skype but not turned in the right direction. Oh well. Hopefully he'll wait for me to take his first steps. I did go out last night and saw the town a little bit, and tried the local beer and liquor in moderation of course. I have noticed that many Koreans speak English somewhat, a few of them speak it very well and all of them can say beer and whiskey. I do not have any pictures to show yet because I took them with a disposable. My deployment camera broke before I left. I miss my family very much and can't wait to get home to them! I hate being apart. I don't know how i ever ended up in a job that makes me leave them so much. One day though, I will be home all the time. I love you and miss you and can't wait to get home!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movin' on up to the ... next size

For almost a week now Max has been wearing 6-9 months clothes. It is very exciting. He had been in 3-6month clothes since the end of August. I thought he had a ton of clothes for 3-6months with over 30 outfits and now with this size he has over 40! Some clothes have carried over. People have been so generous with gifts. Don't think we went crazy. 0-3months I think was the only time I actually went out and had to buy things when he switched to that size.

We are stocking up our newborn stash for Miss M. We are about half way there and its fun to grab one or two things when I'm at a store that sells baby clothes. We didn't want to have to worry about getting clothes for her when we moved since we'll have plenty of other things to get like sheets, changing pad w/covers, stroller, new carseats for max, a truck etc.

In 2 months we should be ready to get on a plane! That is crazy. It is so close yet so far.

Also as many of you may know Matthew is currently deployed. Feel free to email him at No pictures, plain text only.