Thursday, May 19, 2011

In The Hospital

After the delivery we were moved to the recovery room. We were required to stay a minimum of 36 hours in the hospital because this was our first child. We got to the recovery room around 4:30 AM Friday and settled in. Maxim ate and then he and momma both went to sleep. I made my chair bed and was going to goto sleep...I laid down but then Maxim made a sound so I got up to check. He was fine of course just making his cute little baby noises. Then I laid back down but thought I should check on him again...I started to goto sleep and woke up to a him making a tiny lil sound, not crying just a quiet little sound. I was super paranoid...maybe he's chilly, I should wrap his swaddling better. I fell asleep again and 5 min later someone came in collecting the trash, then the nurse came in to check vitals. Never ending. So I finally got a couple hour nap around 10 AM and then again stayed awake until 4AM because the poor little guy had the hiccups.

We also dressed him in some of his own clothes to make him more comfy while in the hospital.

When we were discharged from the hospital we went home and went straight to sleeping!

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