Saturday, December 15, 2012

5 and 19month Updates

No weight or height updates this month since no doctor appointments this month.  However, Maggie is doing great with tummy time and will roll to her back from her stomach and will even scootch around her tummy. She doesn't really roll from back to front yet but I'm sure it'll happen in time. She is really close to sitting up and will occassionally sit for like 5seconds. She is still really interested in Max and thinks he is hilarious, but who doesn't? She is still wearing 0-3month clothes but I am pretty sure she is going through a growth spurt since my little 12hour a night sleeper has been waking the last few nights. Maxim is doing well. I am pretty sure I solved the diaper rash mystery by getting rid of acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes. He loves tomato sauce so that's sad. He still just babbles and doesn't have clear words. Though he says "no" alot and then laughs. He has become even more of a climber. However, sometimes he climbs and then doesn't know how to get down such as his rocking horse. He also has started climbing into Maggie's entertainer seat and then of course can't get out. They have both seen Santa twice and both hated him. Oh well, everyone needs to a crying Santa picture and I get a 2 for 1 this year. Hopefully they are better next year. 9 days until Christmas and I'm sure Max will enjoy unwrapping gifts. Maggie of course could care less.

Love and Miss you Matthew