Sunday, September 14, 2014

NOLAN Birth and First Month

First off wow, it has been almost a year since this was updated.

So, I had a sneaking suspicion he was coming earlier than the other two. Something told me it was going to be during the 37th week. And he did, earlier than I thought but he came earthside at 37 weeks and 3 days. July 27th, 2014 at 5:20pm. Btw, we swore it was 5:25 but all the paperwork says 5:20 so we'll go with that. My water broke at 4am. We really didn't have anything ready so we packed my bag and got the house ready. We texted our sitter who had agreed to be on call if he came earlier than my in-laws. We also texted the Birth Photographer, Cory Danner Photography to let her know we'd be heading to the hospital sometime that day. We finally went around noon because Matthew was bugging me and I wanted to make sure we called the sitter to come over in plenty of time.
 So we get to the hospital around 1 and I am about 4/5cm. No iv, no constant monitoring except for an initial 30minute to check everything. Contractions 3minutes apart like they had been all morning. Finally around 4:30 the nurse checked me again and still 4/5cm. However, my contractions are alot closer together, not that the nurse seemed to notice. She told me I needed to walk but then left me attached to the machine for one of the intermittent monitoring sessions. She left and I told Matthew to run the bath. The nurse came back and told me the Ob on call, it was a Sunday after all, wanted to start me on Pitocin. I said no. She wanted me to walk the hall, I said no. She is a little angry I can tell. This is 4:50pm mind you. I get in the tub and not long after I feel I need to push. I am basically crowning as the Ob on call pokes her head in to check on me. The angry nurse is yelling I need to get out of the tub. The Ob tells her " you and what army, I'm not moving her." I deliver Nolan Patrick in the tub and this is the only 2minutes I see of this Ob. Matthew said he peed as soon as he came out.
The angry nurse grumbles something about Mixson's (my ob) patients always do this and shouldn't be allowed to use the tubs. When I tell one of my midwives about this she just laughed and said there is no hospital policy against it. Nolan weighed 6lbs and 8oz and 18" long. He weighed the exact same as Maggie but an inch shorter. He dropped down to 6lbs 2oz in the hospital and by Thursday he was 6lbs 5oz and the following Thursday he was 7lbs 1oz and the next Tuesday he was 7lbs 7oz. So at around 2 weeks old he gained his birth weight back plus 15oz. He is growing like a champ.
By 3 weeks he was rolling from tummy to back mostly towards the right. He does this a few times a week. At 6 weeks he is in 3m clothes.
Maggie is the sweetest big sister always wanting to play and give kisses. She has always been gentle so far. Maxim doesn't care since Nolan can't play cars or trains yet. Nolan is such a happy baby.