Saturday, July 13, 2013

Car Trouble

So found out on July 1st my car needed major repairs. I was dropping Matthew off at work and the gate guard was like "don't you hear that?" Naturally, we said "no." Once we parked, Matthew looked under and my dust cover had half fallen off. I had a dr's apppointment later that day and I was telling the nurse about it and she said oh that happens to me all the time since I have a low car. It is a simple repair. And it would have been if that was all that was wrong.
I took it to the repair shop only to discover that not only had the dust cover fallen but my grill and bumper were cracked and my radiator tubes were rubbing against each other. So they told me to go to an autobody shop. Great!
Both places said that I ran over something. I don't remember doing this and I even asked Matthew incase I had told him and forgotten. Since it was the week of July 4th and they were taking days off they said to bring it in the following Monday. So I do and they tell me Friday for sure it will be ready. Well it is Saturday and they are telling me Monday afternoon. So we will see.
In the meantime, I am driving Matthew's truck. The first time I drove it and came home, my car was still in the garage so I couldn't turn it around. The next time I drove it I then killed 2 of our lawn lights backing down. So we are now down to 2 lights. Matthew killed one and a guy he works with killed another. So it isn't like he is in the clear with running over lights either. In my defense, our driveway is long, inclined and curved.
Now that my car is not in our garage I can turn the truck around at the top of the driveway. I have to say after almost a week of doing this I am doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself. Also since driving the truck I have not hit anything or run over curves. I am not so worried about hitting things but I thought I would have run over a curb thinking I could take a tighter turn than I can. Maybe I am just being ultra cautious.
Anyway that is what is new with us. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Coconut is a year!

Maggie turned a year today. She was born at 3:40pm weighing 6lbs 8oz and having a length of 19". Today at her appointment she weighed 14lbs 11oz and had a length of 25.5". She is still in the zero percentile but we are blessed with a pediatrician that doesn't look at the chart and looks at my child and sees she is happy, healthy, and meeting milestones. We have used up our freezer stash of breastmilk and started whole milk. So far so good and she loves it. Matthew was concerned because they taste so different. Turns out not be a concern. She is still nursing when she wakes in the morning. I could probably wean her from that one if I wanted to. It is most likely more for me.

 It took her about a week to get used to a sippy cup as I started weaning her down to one nursing session a 2 weeks ago. I feel blessed that we got a year of breastfeeding snuggles together. It was a rough 2 weeks with her but thanks to the support of my husband we got through it. If you have been following this blog you know we were bullied into formula feeding Maxim at 6months when he was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive (FTT). Maggie also was diagnosed as FTT at 6months. Funny to see dramatically different outcomes. I think this makes me secretly judge those that don't breastfeed/pump for their children. I am lucky here that my group of friends all breastfeed and we all share our knowledge and support with one another.

For instance one Mom had a baby and was determined to BF and even though the baby dropped to 5lbs at one point she never gave up and never supplemented and now that baby is thriving. She said it was because of our support and guidance that she was able to ignore the doctors' pressure to formula feed.

Maggie can stand by herself now and she pulls herself up and walks along furniture too. She makes lots of sounds far more than Max did at this age. Maxim wasn't silent just his sounds were less diverse. Maggie's cake smash pictures came out super cute but she quickly gets tired of cake since she picks at it very daintily with her thumb and index finger. She is a huge eater, like nonstop. I hope she keeps this up. Though Max likes a bunch of food he has narrowed his interest and also doesn't always want to eat when he is supposed to or what he is given. I guess that just comes with him being 2.