Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to Update

So I realized it's been awhile since we've updated. First off Matthew is home!!!!!!!!! He came home just about 2.5 weeks ago and we are all loving having him home. It is amazing how you forget what the kids have learned in 3months until someone is amazed by it all. 

Maggie started solids at 7months and Matthew was the first to feed her. Since it was something that could wait I decided why have another first without him when we could wait. Her first food was sweet potatoes but she didn't like it. We suspect it was too thick. She now takes it fine. I thin any veggies with breastmilk. She has had pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pears, apple sauce, plums and mangos so far. Later this week we'll introduce carrots. She also has had odds and ends off our plates. Maggie is still in 3month clothes and I'm just waiting for her to length the tiniest bit so she'll grow out of them and we'll have fun in new clothes. Maggie also had her first trip to the zoo this month. Next well baby is at 9months so no weight/ length update.

Maxim is still as mobile as ever. He said a new word a few days after Matthew got home and another a few days later, shoes and socks. We recently got Max some more outdoor toys since we love to play outside but he hasn't had many outdoor toys. We got a nerf style soccer ball and a rubber ball the size of a cabbage ball along with a bubble wand. It's fun to see him run around the yard and laugh. He recently got a new pair of shoes and they are squeak shoes. It helps us keep track of him and the squeaking doesn't bother us one bit and frankly I don't care if it annoys others. It's funny when he stops and looks around like he hasn't quite figured out the squeak is coming from him. He has another pair of shoes for when we need quite shoes like church or someone's house.


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