Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maggie 6month update

Maggie's 6 month well baby was today and went pretty well. Much better than Maxim's. Maggie is 11lb 6.5oz and 23.5" long. So she gained a lb. Apparently according to the chart Maggie shouldn't be thriving but her ped said she looks great and acts fine so we're all good. But because of protocol Maggie had to have a full blood work up and a urine catch. After two failed attempts at the clinic they sent us to the hospital to get the blood draw where they got it and Maggie laughed the entire time. The urine catch was a failure. They gave me 2 kits and both times she leaked out of them. I will go back tomorrow have them do it and then get the immunizations she needs that we didn't finish getting today. Because the flu is on the rise her pediatrician wanted her to get the flu shot instead of one of her immunizations. But the flu shot is in two parts for her. So my plan is go the lab having them put on the bag securely, go get immunized and hopefully Maggie will have peed and we can return to the lab. Fingers crossed.

Max of course is still doing great and runs around non stop. He enjoyed openning all of his presents at christmas, and everyone else's as well. Next year he'll have competition.


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