Monday, November 19, 2012

The Adventures in Taking Christmas Photos

It took us two tries but we got some awesome photos thanks to our awesome photographer Bri Westfall. Check her out at HERE. If you remember she did our maternity and newborn photos. She was offering Christmas mini sessions where it was 20minutes sessions with 15photos at a discounted price so we jumped on the chance. Matthew is out protecting our country so it was just me and the kids.

We went bright and early to the location and the kids were dressed in their christmas outfits and looked so cute. Maggie even had a great big bow. However, Maxim was not having it. Luckily I planned for this and dressed so I could be in pictures. Bri did manage to get some photos of him though she got quite of few of him eating graham crackers because other wise he bawled. He eventually warmed up to climb in and out of her multiple chairs though never long enough to pose Maggie with him. She kindly offered us the opportunity to come back the following weekend so we did.

The second time I put them in their christmas pjs in hopes that Max would be more comfortable and not cry. I also dressed so I could be in pictures once again. Max wouldn't let us pose him with Maggie but we did get some cute shots of Maggie sitting in a chair and Max handing her ornaments.

Also we got way more than 15photos. I can't stress enough how awesome this photographer is. If you'd like to see the photos go to her website and type the password lippertchristmas.  We have already booked Maggie's 1 yr photos with her and plan on booking a family christmas session with the 4 of us.

I love and miss you Matthew. 421

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