Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Assembly Required

Today we got one Maxim's last gift. A chair for him. It was actually something we were planning on getting him for his birthday but never got around to. I assumed it would come all together afterall it is a plush chair with a slip cover. The package was delivered today and the box was smaller than I expected but I thought maybe like our memory foam mattress it is vacuumed packed. However, the chair came in 5 pieces: 4 foam pieces and the slip cover. It took about 5minutes to assemble so that wasn't bad. I am glad Max isn't old enough that I have to wait until the night before christmas to assemble things. Just makes me think that there is a guy who looks at a product and says ' you know we could make it in one piece or for the fun it make it in multiple and have the consumer assemble it.'

421 We love and miss you Matthew, stay safe

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