Friday, April 13, 2012

11month update

Max is now a whopping 11months! I got an email from Matthew saying when he saw that on the calendar he thought there had to be a mistake. Maxim is now 15lbs 8oz and 26" long. He gained an average of 20grams per day since his last weight check 3 weeks ago. The average 11month old gains 12-15grams per day. He is slowly weaning off purees. Basically the purees he gets is to diminish the supply we have in the freezer. He loves cheeses and breads doesn't matter what kind. He really likes veggie burgers and will eat about half a patty or a quarter of a tortilla with cheese on it or a quarter cup of spaghetti os. According to the nutritionist this is a great appetite for a guy his age. We didn't get to see our pediatrician Dr. Garee for our last appointment in Hawaii which was a little frustrating having to explain everything to someone new. She also made Max cry during a routine exam and our awesome Dr. Garee never did. Makes me more anxious to find Maxim a new pediatrician in Georgia that we like and is good with him.

In less than 2 weeks all our stuff will be packed and in less than 3 weeks at least Max and I will be in Georgia.

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