Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello From South Korea

This was the day before leaving for deployment, I love that little guy so much!

Hello From South Korea,
I am at my first port call on deployment. Hopefully I don't have many more because I should be coming back to move with my family. So far I have spent the majority of my time talking/skyping with Alexandra and Max. I almost got to see Max stand for the first time. I was on skype but not turned in the right direction. Oh well. Hopefully he'll wait for me to take his first steps. I did go out last night and saw the town a little bit, and tried the local beer and liquor in moderation of course. I have noticed that many Koreans speak English somewhat, a few of them speak it very well and all of them can say beer and whiskey. I do not have any pictures to show yet because I took them with a disposable. My deployment camera broke before I left. I miss my family very much and can't wait to get home to them! I hate being apart. I don't know how i ever ended up in a job that makes me leave them so much. One day though, I will be home all the time. I love you and miss you and can't wait to get home!

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