Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 month well baby

Maxim had his 9 month well baby check up a week early which doesn't matter because there are no shots or anything with a time restraint. Everything checked out and he is healthy. He is now 13lbs 11oz and 25.5" long. So to recap from the last weight check he gained 10oz and grew half an inch in 3 weeks. The doctor was pretty happy with that so we go back in 6 weeks. We even got a book as part of some Hawaii reading program at our visit. It was really nice. Apparently we were supposed to get one at 6months but we all know they were a little too busy threatening to call CPS on us. I really like Dr. Garee and am sad we are moving. In Max's short life she is our 3rd pediatrician. We agreed at Max's 12month check up Matthew and I both need to be there especially if they don't have his file yet. The last thing we need is another freakout.
We go back in 4 weeks for the Nutritionist. She said that he is getting enough calories for a guy his age with the formula so that's the good news and so the fact that he has a good appetite after that is a super plus.
Max's 9 month pictures are next week and I have a really cute valentine's theme planned. Hopefully he is in a good mood since I accidently scheduled it for the beginning of his naptime. Oops!

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