Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Foods

Back in September Max went for his 4 month check up. We found out he was 10.5lbs and 24.5". This meant he only gained 8oz in 2 months and grew 2". We were told to start rice cereal which I was really upset about because I was really set on waiting on foods until 6 months. He also hated rice cereal so I made oatmeal and he liked that slightly better. We went for a weight check 2 weeks later and he was about 11lbs so that was good. We also got approval to start fruits and veggies. So far we have tried carrots, green beans and peas. Carrots are by far the favorite. We have pears and avocados in the freezer so we'll see how he likes those. Because of this his poop has changed so I now put liners in his diapers until Matthew comes home and installs the diaper sprayer. The hose on the toilet is too tight for me to install it myself.

Now to my annoyed part of all this. I was never really thrilled with his pediatrician but when we went for his weight check it sealed the deal we are never seeing him again. He acted like this was his 4month appointment and had no idea about Max and what was going on. He told me to start him on rice cereal which he had told me to do 2 weeks prior. He also randomly told me carriers prevent crawling when I had already mentioned he had started to army crawl occasionally. I also had never heard that. So now I'm trying to make his 6 month appointment and am going to get someone new.

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