Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally Home

We've been home with little Maxim for 5 days now. We have gone on some adventures to the grocery store and various places on base to get him all set up on healthcare. The first adventure took awhile to get ready, but we are getting better and better at it. The hardest part is actually remembering to take care of ourselves, brushing teeth more often than just at night, putting on deodorant, etc. All we want to do is take care of this little one. Alexandra is amazed that I actually put him down on the floor, swing, and bouncer. I said its because unlike the neighbors kids who I hold constantly when we are visiting, here I actually have other responsibilities to take care of, otherwise I wouldn't put him down...except when it is time to sleep.

Yesterday we thought he was about to have an instantaneous cryig fit, but it turned out to be a big giggle and smile in his sleep. He is so cute! We love him so much!
And I think he is RAD!

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