Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Updates

Thought it was time for some updates

Maxim: 17months in about a week.
He is running around constantly. He also has figured out how to climb on the ottoman and the couch if pillows are on the floor. We are still battling diaper rash since he was 12months. He likes to hug his sister and will often hold her hand and say go. We take this to mean he wants to play with her. He is now fully off bottles since the other day. It's nice to be able to put away all the bottles and the bottle drying rack (more counter space!). He likes to throw his tools and other objects from his tool bench into his laundry hamper and throwing Maggie's socks into her diaper pail. So those things along with his diaper pail are in closets now. The other day he took out her skirt(his newest clothing of choice) to throw in her diaper pail and after walking around her room and not finding the pail put it back in the drawer. He is constantly putting things back. He'll spill his cheerios and will pick up the cheerios and put them back in the bowl. Things don't always end up where we think they should go but we figure he's trying. He loves to grill with Dad and frankly do anything with Dad. He hates it when he leaves for work and gets so excited when he comes home. Matthew loves his little me. Even when Max is kinda in the way, which is usually the case. We have started going to Tumble Tots at the rec center which he loves. He can just run and get lots of her energy out. Maybe in another 18months we'll start him in gymnastics lessons to help with all his energy.

Maggie: 3months in a few days
 At her 2month well baby she was 8lbs 15oz and 22.5" long. That is about 3lbs and 2" since leaving the hospital. We think that's pretty good. She is in 0-3month clothes and is still tiny. She smiles and coos alot. She definitely has her hold me moments which is very different than Maxim. Since we want to protect her from Max she doesn't get a whole lot of floor or tummy time. Her ears are now pierced. She has really good head control. She sleeps about 8-9hours at night and she has since about 6weeks. Going to bed around 11-midnight. We figure its because she is so awake during the day. She loves to be swaddled to sleep. Without being swaddled you can't put her down she'll just wake up. Maggie likes to join me for demo night at the fabric shop every week and soon Max will get to join us too.

November 15 they have their 4month and 18month well baby visits so I'll hopefully have another update around then if not before.

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